1. Letting them burn off energy at the new bouncy play land area.

  2. I like to visit Mega 10 Park during the warm months with my daughter.

  3. Our favorite thing to do in Marshalltown is enjoying one of the many parks.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. I enjoy walking my daughter in the stroller during nice weather!

  5. Enjoy family outdoor activities. Park, YMCA

  6. I like taking my daughters to Grimes Farm when it’s nice out.

  7. This basket would help me feel good lol been sick with the crud.

  8. Great idea for a group! We like Grimes Farm, other county parks, and going to movies!

  9. I like to go to movies with the kids when its cold out. When the weather is warm I like to feed the ducks at Riverview Cemetery. Morbid maybe but is so beautiful and peaceful there!

  10. We enjoy many of the parks around town and explore the wilderness on the bike trails!

  11. Great website, it is nice to see what’s available around town for families!!

  12. Love hearing of different things to do

  13. My kids love going to the park and having a picnic

  14. We like going to the YMCA/YWCA. We go to the theaters quite a bit to.

  15. I like to take my kids to the park to play and have picnics or go to Grimes Farm and walk the trails.

  16. This site is a great idea. Thanks so much. I look forward to sharing recipes and ideas.

  17. I love going to the parks and the pool with the kids

  18. I am excited to find something new for moms.

  19. Grimes Farm is one of our faves.

  20. Taking the kids biking to Grimes Farm is our favorite!

  21. In the spring and summer, the kids love going to Riverside Cemetery and feeding the ducks. They love walking around the grounds and looking at how far back some of the headstones date!

  22. Let’s Play Bounce is a new spot that will be a favorite of ours during the winter months!

  23. We love going to the different parks in Marshalltown. My son has come up with his own names for each park.

  24. Great job! I don’t have Twitter though. I am a mom of five…Have lived here most of my life…But do still remember my 1st kiddo staying at home can get lonely…Glad you can made something for parents to reach out and connect with other parents!

  25. Our family loves to go out to Grimes to explore the trails and enjoy the new playscape! What a great idea to start this site so we can share ideas with each other.

  26. We like to go to the library, Mega10 Park, and Grimes Farm! Thanks for building this site! We are relatively new to the area, so I am looking forward to learning about more neat things to do in Marshalltown!

    1. Author

      Welcome! We are happy to have you here and look forward to sharing more ideas with you. If you have specific things you are looking for please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@marshalltownmoms.com

  27. The Times Republican Article brought me here! Way to go!

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