1. What a lovely surprise to see this encouraging post about the Grimes Farm Nature Story Hour! I am Carrie Barr, the one who reads and walks with the kids ( unless I am off visiting kids or grandkids! In that case a friend will be there.) Our fervent hope is that care-takers and kids will have a fun experience and learn to love the farm as we do. Recently the Nature Playscape and the Nature Story walk were added to the Grimes Farm. Come on out and join us!

    1. Author

      Thanks for visiting our Moms’ Blog, Carrie. Grimes Farm truly is a treasure for families in Marshalltown. We’ll be sharing more about the Nature Playscape and the Nature Story walk in future blog posts for sure.

  2. It has been many years since my boys were toddlers, but I have fond memories of taking them to story time at Grimes. When we moved to Marshalltown it was one of the first things we found to do, and proved to be our favorite! Carrie is fantastic!

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